DEATH NESTING by Anne-Marie Keppel

by: Anne-Marie Keppel

Anne-Marie is a death doula and this informative book tells us all we need to know about the process of dying, about how to let go and navigate the transition. Don’t forget that we can also die during life into a new existence and that dealing with death imaginatively can make us able to live better. Just as we might prepare a nest for one about to give birth, so can we lovingly prepare a nest for one who is dying. Anne-Marie incorporates ancient and modern death doula techniques, mindfulness practices and herbal support to show how anyone can physically, emotionally and spiritually care for the dying, whether at home, in hospice or even in the ICU. She deals very practically with every stage of the process: with the build-up to it – management of pain and anxiety – with the moments of death itself and with the moving on afterwards.

192pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £14.00