DREAM WEAVER’S ORACLE by Colette Baron-Reid

by: Colette Baron-Reid

Colette has created a lot of decks over recent years, usually founded on goddess and shamanic wisdom. I think this is her best yet. The images are all brightly coloured and leap joyfully off the page. Fantastic animals are depicted like dogs, dragons, eagles, foxes and cats and the tone is both psychedelic and shamanic. If that’s your inclination, this will be perfect for you, both for inspiration and divination. The titles of the cards are really poetic and there’s a flow between them. The first 4 cards: When the Storm Spirits Play, Let the Fire Dragons Sleep, When Coyote Calls Your Name and If the River Flows this Way. As ever, there is a properly bound 112-page guidebook in the box that will give all the extra back-up you need to contact those Dream Weavers who shape reality from the Hidden Realms.

4 Cards and a 112-page booklet, 2023

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