EBB & FLOW by Easkey Britton

by: Easkey Britton

This is an extremely interesting read. The author is a social ecologist and is committed to better understanding humans’ relationship with water, with special reference to its health benefits. She wants us all to think about water not as a commodity, something to drink out of a bottle or to factor into our keep fit routines, but as something to establish a relationship with, to connect with. Her book is informative, with science and fascinating insights from indigenous traditions, and also includes exercises, from breathing and visualisation to help with stress and anxiety, to taking a journey from a water source to the ocean in order to forge a deep connection with the water. Illustrated with pretty line drawings, this book is a combination of love letter and handbook and should be on everyone’s shelves.

224pp, 216 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2023