by: Tony Stockwell

Through his work as a psychic-medium, Tony Stockwell is transforming millions of people's ideas about life after death. With the help of Tony's insight into the spiritual world, we can learn how to embrace eternity, for we are left in no doubt that we do not really die. Understanding that this life is only one of many and that how we live it affects the lives to come brings new meaning to what happens to us and enhances all our relationships. Illustrating his points with many fascinating experiences he has had in his work as a medium, Tony sheds light on issues like why we seem to attract certain types of people and whether events can be pre-ordained. He also helps us to cope with grief and be comforted that one day we will be re-united with those we believed we would never see again.
272pp, 128mm x 197mm, Paperback, 2007

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