by: Jim Pathfinder Ewing

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Jim PathFinder Ewing, a Cherokee medicine man, takes you through a series of teachings designed to awaken an appreciation of the spiritual forces at large in the natural world. These teachings are drawn from the shamanic techniques found in Native American spirituality, and include hands-on exercises and ceremonies, illustrated by extracts from the author's own notebooks. You learn to create sacred spaces - not just in nature but in your own inner world - in which you can connect with spirit guides and angels, and perform simple yet beautiful ceremonies for bringing sacredness into your daily living, returning an individual's lost soul-pieces (soul retrieval), healing the earth, and much more. Jim also shares his understanding of how to harness the power of the medicine wheel, and increase the effectiveness of the ceremonies you perform through right thinking, prayer and other techniques.
192pp, 127mm x 197mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2007