FIVE TIBETANS by Christopher S. Kilham

by: Christopher S. Kilham

Originating in the Himalayas, the five yogic exercises known as the Five Tibetans take only a minimum of daily time and effort but dramatically increase physical strength, energy, and suppleness. Also called the Five Rites of Rejuvenation, these exercises were brought to the West in the early 20th century by a retired British army officer who learned them in a Tibetan monastery. Regular practice of these postures relieves muscle tension and nervous stress, improves digestion, strengthens the cardiovascular system, tunes and energises the chakras, and leads to deep relaxation and well-being. This short book has sold tens of thousands of copies over the years and is well illustrated with photos of the easy-to-do poses. The author has also included short chapters on Yoga Nidra and Kundalini meditation. 

96pp, 208 x 139 mm, Paperback, 2011