by: MJ Cullinane

his is a deck featuring cute cats. In a way that’s all you need to know. Also it’s a proper tarot deck, which is soundly based on the Rider-Waite Smith cards. They are generally close enough but always make interesting departures from the predictable. The cats are diverse in terms of fur colour and fluffiness, and some of the cats are plump and pampered while others are scrawny street cats. It’s an ideal deck for any cat lover that might lead them gently into the special world of tarot. And of course cats are mystical magical creatures par excellence. The cards are thick and good quality and the images are done in that familiar photographic collage style. Highly recommended for anyone with the faintest interest in cats – and, to stress, there are other animals everywhere like snakes, butterflies and mice. Plus of course dogs!

80 cards, 176pp, 135 x 98 mm, 2023

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