HOMES OF THE SOUL by Jennifer Vanbergen

by: Jennifer Vanbergen

This fascinating short book tells the alluring account of one woman’s encounter with the life and work of CG Jung and how she has been guided by his inquiries into the true nature of the human spirit. Her personal experiences around the death of her mother lead her to read what Jung wrote about his supernatural experiences and all the layers of existence below the surface life in the material world. The subtitle is A Short Guide to the Real Possibility of Life After Death which I think doesn’t quite get it right: it’s a guide to all the alternative possibilities in every sphere. She doesn’t seem to come to any overt conclusion but you feel the world is a richer place by the end of the book. It deals with big subjects but it isn’t academic. In fact it’s full of anecdotes – mostly from Jung – and is an enjoyable read.

178pp, 198 x 129 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £16.99

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