by: Alice A Bailey

An initiation is an expansion of consciousness, a means of opening the mind and heart to a recognition of what already exists in reality. As a living process, initiation is experienced by all forms of life, large and small, from the universal to the particular. The process of initiation in our solar system is based on a pattern which is duplicated and reflected within the whole, and throughout all its many parts. Transmitted by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and channeled by Alice Bailey in the 1920s, to provide inspiration and help to anyone who aspires to initiation, this volume is well worth studying in depth. One of the great values of this book is that it stretches the mind towards a new conception of the intense activity involved at all levels of consciousness on the planet to create conditions in which evolutionary growth can proceed.
240pp, 119mm x 185mm, Paperback, 2008 (originally published in 1922)