IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT by Alex Howard

by: Alex Howard

This is an exceptional book on how to overcome the often devastating effects of childhood trauma. It has received a host of glowing reviews, including one that claims that “this could be the best book on trauma I’ve ever read”. Alex Howard, author of Decode Your Fatigue, writes fluently and with clarity, bringing his own experiences and other case studies into the narrative which help make the point that there are all sorts of traumas in childhood that might be having an effect on us. The book is laid out in three parts: part one looks at trauma and the ways that it echoes later on; part two teaches the RESET model for creating change in your nervous system; and part three is a comprehensive look at the ABCD of trauma healing in the real world of our relationships with others and committing to lasting change.

272pp, 278 x 229 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £12.99