JOY AT WORK by Steve Nobel

by: Steve Nobel

Steve used to run Alternatives in London and is closely involved with the biggest and brightest in the MBS field. His own experiences from being stuck in a tedious and stressful job to finding a whole new life, are both familiar and uplifting and make you feel that you’re in good hands reading this advice on making things better. He uses a combination of Buddhist wisdom, historical reflections, personal experiences and practical guidance to address the many ways work can be wrong for us and why, and how to address that, whether by helping us gain perspective on the life we’re living or on ways to improve life both at work and when away from it. It’s an inspirational book, hugely approachable and utterly reassuring - there is a better life out there for all of us. This was previously published in 2012 as Enlightenment At Work.

224pp, 216 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2023

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