by: Sherri Mandell

Revealing how the ancient spiritual tradition known as the Kabbalah can be applied to the art of writing, award-winning author Sherri Mandell presents a mystical system for developing creativity and harnessing divine inspiration in your storytelling and other written works. This is I think her third book along Kabbalistic themes so she is deeply knowledgeable about the teachings. Sharing insight from her own spiritual journey, Mandell explains how the characteristics of the ten sefirot - the channels of divine creative life force that make up the elemental spiritual structure of the world - can be used to think about and develop writing in a profound way and give you the power to grow as a person and a writer. Writing can be a spiritual path; many people tell us but this is one of the few books that actually shows you the way in practical terms.

160pp, 226 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2023