LIFE FORCE by Tony Robbins

by: Tony Robbins

This is a proper doorstop reference book but you can always dip into it wherever and whenever you want. There’s so much there including chapters on stroke, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, with all the latest information on how we can avoid them or alleviate the worst of the symptoms. There are also chapters on supplements, diet, exercise and good nutrition. Some amazing names are part of the committee that helped put the book together, like Dean Ornish and Matthew Walker, author of the bestselling Why We Sleep book, so we know the material is reputable. There are endorsements from Hugh Jackman, Jack Nicklaus and Bill Clinton. So, you do have to put up with a bit of Tony plugging his own work and products, but otherwise it’s all here and it’s full of his trademark enthusiasm.

720pp, 243 x 162 mm, Hardback, 2022