by: Gary Richter

There have been many many books full of what they call “hacks” to increase human life but not many on doing the same for pets, at least not in the mainstream trade. Gary Richter has been a practising vet since 1998 and he is already the author of a couple of books on pet care for Hay House. People love to have their cats around for their company and affection so why not try and prolong that relationship? He writes about what can be done now to keep your cat healthier and living longer, but he is careful to discuss the science behind it as well and he also goes on to outline the future possibilities for animal longevity. The book is straightforward and not difficult to follow and there is an index and copious notes that we can take up to find out more for ourselves about the science.

256pp, 217 x 136 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £14.99