MAGICAL YEAR by Danu Forest

by: Danu Forest

Danu Forest is a leading member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. She lives near Glastonbury where she herself leads a Druid grove. This stimulating text, full of stunning drawings and illustrations, takes you through the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It’s a perfect way to get in touch with your own spiritual inclinations, to have fun with your family making crafts and gaining insights from the natural world around you, and ultimately to connect with the energies all around us residing in nature just outside our front door.

  • Learn to call upon the deities to support and assist you in your journey
  • Explore Celtic starlore to glean spiritual insights from the heavens
  • Make meaningful gifts for friends and family
  • Cast spells for creativity, fertility and blessing
  • Decorate your home with crafts and altars to manifest sacred space
  • Use the abundance of nature in recipes for self-healing and for delicious feasts
  • Explore the deeper meanings of the festivals through magical guided visualizations

Paperback, 216 x 138 mm, 256pp, 2016

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