MEND THE GAP by Kate Mottram

by: Kate Mottram

There is a growing body of work, which examines the traumatic aspects of the spiritual breakthrough. Sometimes when our inner landscape is reconfiguring itself, it can feel like mental illness, but it’s not necessarily something that needs sedating and dampening down. Instead of that, we need the confidence to see it through, the support of those around us so that we won’t be stigmatized and finally a guide or a group of guides who know a bit about the issue and can give us pointers. This autobiographical account of the author’s own struggles is both an inspiration and a practical guide to the support networks available in this country. Her own mother suffered from depression so initially the signs weren’t good. However she embarks on her own research and discovers that, rather than the onset of mental illness, spiritual crisis can actually be seen as a waking up to help a planet in crisis.

Paperback, 248pp, 2014

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