by: Amber Hatch

'In this excellent book, Amber Hatch explains clearly and persuasively how helpful mindfulness can be, not just for the child who is being parented but for the parent, too.' Gill Rapley, co-author of Baby-led WeaningParenting may be our most important and rewarding task, yet dealing with the everyday pressures of family life is a constant challenge. Mindfulness is the number-one tool for staying present and calm amidst the chaos. So how can we parents be more mindful when raising our children?In this personal yet extremely practical guide, Amber Hatch will show you what mindfulness is, how you do it and how it will help you rise to the challenges of parenthood.

Packed with examples, you will learn how to:* Stay calm in a crisis* Feel more connected to your children* Deal with day-to-day pressures and flashpoints* Feel good about how you talk to your family* Keep a sense of perspective * Maintain and develop a meditation practiceWhether you already use mindfulness techniques or not, this book will help you achieve a calmer, happier and more relaxed family life. If you are a happy mum, you will have a happy baby.

256pp, Paperback, 137 x 216mm, 2017