by: Dianne Buswell

We know that watching the dancing on Strictly, or even just seeing kids cartwheeling on the beach, brings a smile to our faces, so doesn’t it sound like a good idea to try it a bit of movement ourselves? This book makes a refreshing change to the usual exercise bibles because it tackles movement as something to include in small doses, every day, not only for its physical benefits, but also to make us smile! Buswell has her own Four Pillars of well-being - movement, nutrition, rest and positivity - and her 21-day plan is designed to get us into the habit of thinking about all these elements in our life and leave us with an enjoyable daily routine that we’ll want to follow. Filled with step-by-step photos and helpful tips, this is a joyful book that really does deliver what it promises - flexibility, coordination, balance, sleep and happiness.

224pp, 238 x 202 mm, Paperback, 2023