by: Hh Dalai Lama

This vivid and moving portrait is the first work to be dedicated purely to the Dalai Lama's spiritual journey. His writings present the arc of his spiritual vision, from his boyhood in rural Tibet, through his life as a monk in India, to his exile as one of the world's most visible leaders. We learn not only fresh and colourful stories from his childhood, revealing how a simple farmer's son passed mystical tests to confirm he was the reincarnated Dalai Lama, but also about his extraordinary upbringing as a young novice monk. We glimpse the experiences that have made him the charismatic, wise, yet humble man he is today. We hear his thoughts on many issues, spiritual and global, and gain new, thought-provoking insights into how he has transformed himself in order to have a positive effect on society. Through his example, we are encouraged to do the same, combining love and compassion with all that we do.
304pp, 154mm x 236mm, Paperback, 2010