by: Bruce Scofield

It feels like a long time since a new book on astrology has been published by a fairly mainstream publisher, although calling the wonderful Inner Traditions a “mainstream publisher” does also feel like a gross misrepresentation. This is a thick book that’s more than 500 pages long and it states the case for why astrology does matter, does deserve our profound respect and remains a solid science that dates back to ancient times. Praise is heaped upon the book by authors we know like John Michael Greer and Ervin Laszlo, plus renowned astrologers like Robert Hand and Nicholas Campion. It’s ideal for people like me, who want to understand and work with astrology but don’t quite “get” it, although I can imagine that there’s invaluable information here for astrologers too. The text is readable and accessible which is vital for a book like this.

544pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2023