NOT I, NOT OTHER THAN I by Russel Williams

by: Russel Williams

Our world is full of books on all aspects of spiritual teaching, from the serious academic to the borderline flaky, but now, suddenly, this little book appears like a jewel in the rock face of inspirational literature. Throughout his long and challenging life Russel Williams has been quietly dispersing his unique teachings to small groups, seeking no recognition or reward, just quietly changing lives. Now, well into his 90s, he has agreed to allow Steve Taylor to put together and publish both the story of his life and the essence of his teachings. Russel Williams received almost no education, after attending 17 different schools he finally left and started work at the age of 11. So this is no formal doctrine, but the freshness and clarity of thought that arises from the creativity of an empty mind. A jewel of a book to read from cover to cover, then read all over again.

Paperback, 171pp, 2015