by: Ken A Verni

Having thought that there were enough mindfulness titles, especially introductory ones, I have really appreciated the contribution this book makes. It’s packed full of drawings, diagrams and even colour photographs and they make the journey of mindfulness attractive and enticing. The use of colour, the lay-out and the larger format all serve as a warm invitation to practise, to get on and just do it, because in the end practice is all that counts. There are however times when motivation can be weak and the mind can be straying elsewhere and this book is inspiring in so many ways with exercises and anecdotes dotted around the text. It’s in the classic Dorling Kindersley style – giving us a new perspective on familiar things and opening processes up in a way that’s appealing and rejuvenating. This is an ideal resource for someone starting a mindfulness practice at home.

Hardcover, 224pp, 2015