by: Lorin Roche

This is a book to treasure. The original text of the sutras is more than 1300 years old, part of the ancient Sanskrit tantras, and Lorin Roche has devoted 40 years to their study. He now presents his life’s work, a contemporary interpretation of the meditations know as Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. In part one each verse is presented in Sanskrit script, phonetic western text and also in Lorin Roche’s English translation which expresses his profound experience of the work in a poetic interpretation. Part two looks closely at important Sanskrit words, unpacking new depths of meaning to concepts students of the sutras may already be familiar with such as Bhava and Nidra, and the book ends with advice on ways to engage with the sutras. Here are pages to contemplate quietly at home, share in a mediation group or read to a yoga class. Timeless inspiration.

Paperback, 352pp, 2014