by: Kyle Gray

This timely new edition of the much loved original will have a whole new audience as we are living through such troubled times and Kyle Gray’s description of how to live with purpose and love has become increasingly appealing. This edition will be interesting to existing fans as well. Kyle - one of the most popular Cygnus authors - concentrates on the 77 essential practices to help you awaken your divine connection and activate your light, complemented by his inspiring affirmations, channeled wisdom, and uplifting new messages. The book will help you to trust in the love and support of the Universe; clear your energy field and protect your vibes; activate the flow of spiritual energy through your chakras; cultivate a daily spiritual practice with simple tools and attract positive experiences into your every day. Start receiving more joy and miracles in your life, because you deserve it!

288pp, 197 x 130 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £12.99

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