REIKI SHAMANISM Jim PathFinder Ewing

by: Jim Pathfinder Ewing

Reiki should be considered a form of shamanism, says medicine man Jim PathFinder Ewing, so combining the techniques of Reiki - using the symbols to channel healing energy - with the shamanic journey can be a perfect unfolding of both. Reiki Shamanism first explains the energy body, and its keys to reaching our full potential through self discovery, then outlines Reiki as shamanism, an integrated healing power. Then you will learn of shamanic journeying, which is the key to out-of-body healing, and discover how to incorporate Reiki with it. Jim also shares personal experiences and offers instruction and exercises to guide you on your own ?healing walk?.
184pp, 126mm x 196mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2008