by: Julian Of Norwich

Julian of Norwich (c.1342 after 1416) was the first woman writer in English. Nothing is known of her background or even her real name. On 8th May 1373, when seriously ill and apparently dying, she received an extraordinary series of 'showings', or revelations from God. After her miraculous recovery, she spent many years pondering the significance of the showings, which she believed were messages for everyone. They taught, among other things, that God is our mother as well as our father, that he cannot be angry with us, and that no one will be damned - doctrines which Julian had great difficulty in reconciling with the church's teachings. The beauty and originality of her writings are as fresh as if they were written yesterday. How wonderful, still to be able to study at the feet of a renowned mystic and spiritual adviser who lived more than 600 years ago!

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