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RIVERBOAT CD Steve Orchard

by: Steve Orchard

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Track List
Kingfisher Falls
Poacher's Dawn
Ducks and Drakes
Night Moorings
Buttercup Necklace
Summer Storm
Priddy Fair
Abbey Fountain
River Lullabye

Welcome to the wonderful world of Steve Orchard and his acoustic guitar. Riverboat is a musical journey along the meandering waterways of ‘Olde England’. Meditative and relaxing, this gentle music will relax and soothe, letting you drift off to a place of peace and daydreams, ‘away from the madding crowd’. Songbirds and the sounds of the river flow with Steve’s delicate and evocative melodies, accompanied at times by a flute and ethereal whispering chords. Feel the freshness of morning on the riverbank, feed the dabbling ducks and camp on the riverside. Dodge a summer storm then discover the excitement of the fair. Finally, tie up the boat and drift into a deep slumber with Steve’s river lullaby. This is the Riverboat of Steve’s imagination - perhaps you’d like to discover it too?