by: Llyn Roberts

Why Shapeshift into Higher Consciousness' Because, explains shamanic healer Llyn Roberts, we are one with a vast, intelligent universe that has boundless energy to create; and because in doing so, we have everything to gain. We owe it to ourselves to wake up, live from higher values and create a world worth living in. Llyn has years of experience with indigenous healers, shamans, and Elders from cultures that know how to shapeshift realities. Now she translates their ancient techniques into simple modern practices that you can use to transform personal imbalances, open to your life purpose, deepen your relationship with spirit and nature, and realise oneness with the higher power of life. Llyn presents a potent combination of healing, spirituality, activism, ecology and shamanism by which you can effect positive personal and global change.
254pp, 140mm x 216mm, softback, 2011

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