SOUL STORY by Tim Freke

by: Tim Freke

Our culture is experiencing a 'soul crisis', caused by the demise of outdated religions and the rise of hard-headed science, which has left many adrift in a purposeless cosmos, waiting for a meaningless death. Tim Freke offers a bold alternative to this bleak worldview by urging a radical shift in our understanding of both science and spirituality. He invites us to marry science with spirit, not choosing either/or. He calls this new approach ‘emergent spirituality', which combines the ideas of evolution borrowed from science with fresh insights from the perennial wisdom, to create a beautiful new vision of the nature of reality and the deep purpose of life. He invites us to experience first hand this spiritual evolution.  First, matter was created, then we had biological evolution and now in the third wave, we are invited to participate in spiritual evolution, consciously! 

288pp, 145 x 201 mm, Paperback, 2017

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