by: Oliver Niňo

This book really sells itself through the people who endorse it. There’s Anthony William, the Medical Medium, Tony Robbins and Donna Karan, all of whom testify to his gifts. It’s published by Hay House, so it’s fairly mainstream. What it says is that we do all sorts of cleanses through celery juice, green smoothies etc but we are not as driven to do cleanses of our energetic fields. Here he offers a 15-day course which involves tools, exercises and meditations that will energise you and reawaken you to your spiritual mission. Once your energy field has been cleansed, Oliver shows you how to maintain it in that positive state. He uses plentiful case histories from his own practice to show how well these processes work. It’s material that will be familiar to us, but he presents it in a clear and enthusiastic way. I always find it helpful too when a book includes a curriculum, as this does.

200pp, 215 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2023

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