by: Helen Greaves

Testimony of Light is a document of lasting importance, telepathically transmitted to Helen Greaves by a close friend, Frances Banks (an Anglican nun), who had recently died. During her life on earth Frances Banks had been a deeply spiritual person who devoted her life to her quest for the Divine and the service of others. After she died, she was given the opportunity to view her past life and beliefs from the higher perspective of the soul. Much that had puzzled and perplexed her while on earth became transparently clear, and as her consciousness was gradually transformed by this higher wisdom, so she was transported to higher and higher levels of awareness and bliss. The testimony she bears of the freer and fuller life beyond the veil, the infinite mercy of the Universe, and the purpose of life on earth has much to teach us about how to live, as well as how to die.

 Paperback, 144pp, 2005