by: Matthew Johnson

'A handbook for the happy, and a bible for the broken-hearted', The Alphabet of the Human Heart is an enchanting and enriching journey through the upside and the downside of what it means to be human - our hopes and our fears, our strength and our weakness, our highs and our lows. Quite literally 'a book of two halves', firstly there is an upside A-Z, full of the happy and hopeful aspects of our lives, such as A is for Adventure - the opposite of television, through G is for Gratitude, S is for Smile to Zen is the Place to Be. Flip the book over, and the other downside half examines the negative parts of our lives and how we can overcome them to lead more positive and fulfilling lives. With affirmations, humorous illustrations throughout, and a definite sense of glee, Matthew Johnstone and James Kerr's little book of wisdom is also the perfect gift to help cheer up a friend or loved one.
112pp, 172mm x 172mm, hardback, 2011

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