by: Patrick Holford

An established expert on the links between nutrition and mental health, Patrick Holford now takes a look at how all this relates to the fundamental meaning of life. What is the mysterious connection to a higher purpose that superhealthy people seem to have? His observation is that disconnection is all-pervasive in the modern world, as if the human race is on a deliberate path to self destruction. There has to be a different way, where we wake up our consciousness and experience love. Our brain chemistry is a key factor, we cannot feel well and connected if we are overwhelmed by anguish, stress and pain, but intervention with pharmaceutical drugs only seems to aggravate the disconnection. Positive intention and creative visualisation are tools to enhance mind-body connection, as are spending time in a natural environment, careful choice of nutrition and resources and respect for our planet Earth. These are all things that connect us to the heart.

Paperback, 312pp, 152mm x 229 mm, 2016