by: Rod Stryker

The deepest philosophy of yoga is not to have a toned body, it is to become more attuned to your soul purpose. We all seek meaning and the age-old wisdom of yoga is even more relevant to us now. The yoga philosophy of fulfillment explains the four desires of the soul: to express your soul purpose or dharma; to have the means or artha to prosper and achieve it; kama is the soul's desire for intimacy and connection; and moskha is the spiritual desire for peace and freedom from all these desires. This book teaches a pathway to help you discover your unique soul purpose or dharma; focus on your aims and set sankalpas or achievable goals to reach these aims within a year. This path includes recognising and identifying any self-defeating patterns of behaviour that may be preventing you from creating the life of your dreams. The yogic philosophy enables you to build the energy to overcome obstacles and challenges in life; and to cultivate joy at every stage of your path.

352pp, 152mm x 229mm, paperback, 2012