FOUR INSIGHTS Alberto Villoldo PhD

by: Alberto Villoldo Phd

Included in this book are wisdom teachings that have been protected since time immemorial by secret societies of Earthkeepers, the medicine men and women of the Americas. These wisdom teachings are enshrined in four insights which state that all of creation - humans, whales, and even stars - is made from light, manifested through the power of intention. The Earthkeepers used the insights to change and renew the luminous matrix that gives birth to the human being. By doing this, they could heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering, and even grow new bodies that age and heal differently. By practising these insights yourself, you will be able to wake up from the cultural trance that you?ve been educated into, and give birth to a new you.
237pp, 136mm x 212mm, Paperback, 2006

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