GAME OF LIFE & HOW TO PLAY IT Florence Scovel-Shinn

by: Florence Scovel-Shinn

The rules of this little game we call life are simple but inexorable - and they don't change, whatever cloak you wrap them in. Many thousands of people owe a great deal to this particular `cloak', first published in 1925, because it offers a particularly clear and straightforward explanation of `the rules'. Florence Scovel-Shinn shows that the rules of the game can be found, for instance, in the teachings of Jesus. And it is a game of giving and receiving. This simply means that whatever we send out in words, thoughts or deeds will eventually return to us. If we give love we receive love, if we hate we will be hated. Florence Scovel-Shinn explains that our `imaging' faculty plays a leading part in this game of life. What we imagine sooner or later externalises in our affairs. And she shows how, by guarding and refining how we think and what we say, we can dramatically change our conditions and circumstances.