by: Rajendar Menen

Mudras are special healing gestures made with the hands and fingers. The Healing Power of Mudras shows you how to use this 'yoga of the hands' to promote rejuvenation of body and mind, prevent and cure illnesses and bring about spiritual regeneration. A holistic view of physical and spiritual healing is complemented by clear illustrations explaining exactly how to use Mudras, and chapters explore everything from their use in dance and martial arts to diet and the practice of visualisation. Further sections look at how combining Mudras with positive colours, foods, thoughts and ambience can drastically improve your wellbeing, assigning specific positions to relevant conditions and covering a wide range of physical ailments and emotional conditions. It takes minutes to perform, and can be done anywhere at any time ª ª õ ªø yet the effects are hugely beneficial.

112pp, 138mm x 216mm, Paperback 2010

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