MAYAN PROPHESIES FOR 2012 Gerald Benedict

by: Gerald Benedict

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The ancient Mayan civilization was advanced in many ways, including their written languages, art, architecture and mathematical and astrological systems. We are approaching the end of one of their calendar cycles, that of the 5,000-year Fourth Age. The Maya foresaw this time as one of cataclysmic change, which has often been described as 'the end of the world'. Gerald Benedict now looks in depth into twenty-one of the most famous and culturally relevant prophecies, offers fresh insight into them and shows that rather than a global apocalypse, 2012 will herald a radical change to our way of life and a profound transformation of our consciousness. These ancient prophecies relate to fascinating topics such as the New Enlightenment, Galactic Synchronization, the Return of a Supreme Being and Changes to the Earth's Magnetic Field. Will we bring about the destruction of the Earth or will we finally awaken from our spiritual amnesia? Challenging us to make real changes in our lives now, these ancient prophecies are a wake-up call for everyone.
123mm x 185mm