SECRET WITHIN Annemarie Postma

by: Annemarie Postma

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What does it mean to live a spiritual life? How do we bring spirituality into our daily routines? In The Secret Within, life coach Annemarie Postma explores the questions every curious soul asks, and offers refreshing answers: her keys to practical spirituality. She explains that being spiritual actually means 'being no more and no less than just yourself', and that true spirituality is found in connecting with the silence within us, for inside this silence is our true nature. Using your intuition to guide you into the book, open it and read a short passage, absorbing the story, wisdom or further questions you find, to remind you of another part of your authentic self. You will learn that a spiritual life is about being conscious, awake, responsible and involved in living, with great love, passion and gratitude. With elegant conversation, simple exercises and affirmations, Annemarie offers a simple and practical way to live a genuinely spiritual and fulfilling life.
232pp, 146mm x 186mm, paperback, 2011