7 SECRETS OF SYNCHRONICITY by Rob MacGregor and Trish MacGregor

by: Rob

There are signs everywhere, pointing the way to a better life, if you know how to read them; and when you recognise the signs, you can glimpse the plan the universe has mapped out for you, say Trish and Rob MacGregor. In The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity, you'll see why they believe there isn't really any such thing as coincidence. They teach you to see synchronicity as a language of personal transformation - once learned, its secrets reveal how you can live a life of meaning and wonder. They describe synchronistic affirmations, warnings, connections and predictions, and the divination tools by which they have been received. Learn to attune your awareness, to connect with your unconscious mind to interpret the meaning of the signs you encounter, using such tools as the tarot, I-Ching and astrology to understand your past, inform your present and guide your future. Synchronicity may just be the key to making magic in your life!

272pp, 135mm x 215mm, Paperback, 2011