SOURCE Ursula James

by: Ursula James

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The Source is the story of two women, born centuries apart, whose lives have become entwined in their quest to keep magic live and flowing. Ursula Sontheil, better known as Mother Shipton, was a 16th century Yorkshire prophetess and healer, whose spirit survived captive in a cave in Knaresborough. To this day, the waters of the cave turn objects to stone and many go there for healing. The second story is that of Ursula James, also from Yorkshire, a modern-day healer of minds. Mother Shipton first appeared to her in her childhood, then came to her again when she was ready to receive the means to make her magic live again. Through Mother Shipton’s prophecies and spells, Ursula transformed her own life, and learned how to pass this knowledge on to others around her. As the magic began to grow and take on a life of its own, Ursula knew that now is the time for her to release the knowledge, into a world that’s ready to listen. The Source weaves their stories with the rituals, rites and journeys that will guide you to the source of your power; prophecies and spells that speak of the healing of the world, of relationships, love, the power of forgiveness, and how to heal yourself. Now is the time to find your magic!