STORY OF YOUR SOUL Elizabeth Clare Prophet

by: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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In this new and empowering perspective on the soul, Elizabeth Clare Prophet broaches the perennial questions Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?, exploring the common aspects of every soul's journey on earth. The soul has been likened by some to a pearl that has been cast into the sea of the material universe. The goal of our life is to go after that pearl and recover our true identity. Sharing personal stories as well as visualizations, affirmations and meditations, Elizabeth tells The Story of Your Soul, a story of awakening and overcoming that champions your profound worth and nobility. It is a story written in the stars that only you can make a reality, and it is waiting to be read!
130pp, 101mm x 152mm, illustrated, Paperback, 2007


Recovering the Pearl of Your True Identity
What is your soul?
Your soul is the life-essence that mirrors your human personality and the divine personality, the personality of God. Your current soul identity - your individual soul identity - reflects how you have integrated these personalities.

God intends for each soul to return to Spirit and live forever in the divine consciousness as an individualization of the God flame. God is one, but he chooses to make from his oneness single drops of light, individual sons and daughters - all part of his oneness yet distinct and unique.

We are each supremely individual in our outlook, likes and dislikes, and especially our attainments and what we do with our life. And our journey on the path is also individual - we each walk the path alone.

As we do this, we need to be mindful of our unique soul sensitivity and knowledge. Our souls are wise. They know the past and its application to the present and the future. They are highly sensitive and at the same time innocent and defenseless.

Our soul is vulnerable, impressionable, often coloured by her surroundings, easily led astray. She suffers when subjected to violence of any kind. She is wounded by mental and emotional toxins and by physical or verbal abuse.

Our souls urgently need our comfort and consolation, our soothing words. They need to know that we will protect them from all harm.

We can consider our soul as the child who lives inside of us, our 'inner child.' And we are her parents and teachers, even as we are her students. It is our responsibility to daily impress upon the soul (1) what is right (what is real and of enduring worth and therefore must be retained) and (2) what is wrong (what is not real and not of enduring worth and therefore must be discarded).

As parents, we can lovingly care for our souls as we would care for our children. Or we can neglect our souls and become creatures of our own self-neglect - soul-neglect. The book of Proverbs says, 'Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.' These words refer to one's soul as well as to one's offspring. We need to love and protect , instruct and discipline her on the spiritual path.

Living a Spiritual Life
So what does it mean to be on the spiritual path, to live a spiritual life? And what is spirituality? The word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning 'breath,' 'breath of a god' or 'inspiration.' Spirituality is to the soul what the breath of life is to a newborn child. It infuses you with new life and vigor. It empowers you to love and nourish yourself and others.

Spirituality is being able to sustain a working relationship with God. It doesn't matter what you call that God - the Higher Self, the Inner Light, the Buddha, the Tao, Brahman, Adonai. It's possible for each of us to get in touch, and stay in touch, with the universal power of God.

People have often asked me how they can do this: How can I find inner peace in the midst of outer turmoil? How can I handle the stresses that come up during the day and still keep my spiritual attunement? For example, how can I be spiritual when I have to work overtime and my child is sick and waiting for me? Or when I just found out that I lost my job? Well, it's true that it isn't easy. And there's no one I know who doesn't have trials; we all do. But there are spiritual solutions to today's challenges.

Spirituality is a process of self-mastery. It's like climbing a mountain. There are many ways to reach the summit of being. And each trail up the mountain will give you a different perspective - a new way of understanding who God is and who you are.

We are climbing that mountain each day, all day, not just when we take time out to meditate, watch a beautiful sunset, or give prayers and devotions. Every day we can remember to teach our soul - the little child who is destined to become the Christ Child. We can lead our soul, even as we are led by our Holy Christ Self, and restore her to heavenly patterns. The following keys can help us in this process.

Keys for Your Soul's Journey
1. Forgive Yourself
2. Forgive Others
3. Make Friends in Heaven
4. Learn While Your Body Sleeps
5. Be Aware of the Not-Self
6. Work on Your Psychology
7. Talk with God

From The Story of Your Soul, ?2007 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, published by Summit Publications.