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Donate to support the Cygnus Community

by: Cygnus Books

Thank you for considering donating to Cygnus.

For twenty three years we have sent the Cygnus Review out free with our love.  It has been our delight and a pleasure to do so.

As you know Cygnus income has not kept up with the huge increase in postage costs for some time now. So to continue and to develop as a community we will now be relying on increased subscriptions and donations, at least until we have enough regular subscribers.

So your gift from the heart will breathe new life into our community, and will help us create a new future together which unites like-minded people more consciously.

Many of you have expressed an interest in meeting others of like mind so we have begun to find new solutions for this need.  Till now your sense of community with Cygnus came through the letterbox in the form of the monthly Cygnus Review.  

Now we'd like to explore new ways for you to meet each other as Cygnus Supporters, either locally at Cygnus Cafe Events, virtually in  Cygnus forums, if enough of you want this, and perhaps in other ways too.  The choice is yours.  Till now, Cygnus was Ann's and my creation.  I feel  the time has come for the sense of ownership to become all of ours, those of us who are committed to spiritural tranformaton.

If you have skills and talents you'd like to share with us from time to time please ask to become a volunteer and we'll contact you. Just put Volunteer in the subject line to

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