by: Martin Brofman

Gill says, 'The author healed himself of 'terminal cancer' in 1975 by radically changing his life from the inside out. A practical book integrating Western psychology and Eastern spirituality to offer an approach to health that focuses on the chakras.' Martin Brofman is living proof of the effectiveness of his healing techniques. Diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1975, he was given one or two months to live. He chose to make every moment count, and his healing journey led not only to the disappearance of his tumour, but to the development of the system of healing he describes in this book: The Body Mirror System of Healing. This is a technique that can be used by anyone - professional healers, practitioners, therapists and their clients alike. It effectively and seamlessly blends Western psychology and Eastern philosophies. Brofman's groundbreaking work on chakras and their connection to both mind and body allows us to read the body as a map of the consciousness, tracking routes from symptoms through to causes and then working with them. Learn these techniques and you may well nip in the bud potential future ailments, too.
213pp, 154mm x 231mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2003, RRP ?9.95

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