GIFT OF AN ANGEL by Wendy Jane Erlick

by: Wendy Jane Erlick

There’s a great quotation from renowned author Cilla Conway on this book, and it sums up my feelings as well: “I don’t normally read books on angels as I find many of them too saccharine, but I found Wendy Erlick’s book direct, authentic and sometimes very moving”. This gets it exactly right: it’s down to earth, everyday and for that very reason very inspiring. A spiritual gift like this can descend on any of us at any time, and her story is well-told and compelling, but the account becomes incredibly useful in the second half of the book when she goes into detail about her training and shows us how too we can get in touch with invisible beings. She discusses the different angels and what they specialize in and how we can work with them, but all this in a very straightforward and refreshingly non-ethereal way.

184pp, Paperback, 2016

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