by: Rose Elliot

Mindfulness is a word much in use these days. We are constantly reminded it is the doorway to a better life, but trying to achieve it can still be a struggle. Rose Elliot has been well known for decades as a pioneer of vegetarian cooking, but here she uses her skill for writing clear and practical explanations to guide us towards achieving mindfulness through our breathing. The Buddha taught simple breathing exercises, so using the breath to assist focus and transform a mindfulness practice is nothing new. We all breathe, but learning how to perform in a mindful way something we all do unconsciously is a wonderful process. Breathing is far more than just air entering and leaving the body, it can be a powerful tool for developing self awareness, and no special equipment or study is required, just guidance towards recognising we already have all we need. A small simple book but something to treasure.

Paperback, 128pp, 130 x 165 mm, 2016

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