WHALE WHISPERER Madeleine Walker

by: Madeleine Walker

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Imagine being in the ocean, eye-to-eye with a 40-foot whale, able to 'hear' what it has to say! This is just one of Madeleine Walker's many amazing experiences when she embarked on a spiritual journey in search of wisdom and healing from animals and spiritual power points. The Whale Whisperer is her moving, empowering and entertaining tale of her adventures in Egypt, Arizona, the Rocky Mountains, Mexico, South Africa and India, during which she realises she can communicate with incredible wild animal teachers, such as elephants, humpback whales, buffalo, bears, white lions, dolphins and a giant manta ray. The more she channels the wisdom of the animals, the more she is driven to convey these vital messages to raise awareness and to help save mankind and the planet. So she shares with us the practical ways to implement the knowledge given by these animals, such as using light crystals for healing, communicating with wild creatures and tuning in to the energy of the planet.
221pp, 152mm x 223mm, Paperback, illus in colour, 2011

Oceans of Love from the Humpbacks

Words alone cannot describe the enormity of the presence of a whale as you swim next to it. Living out on the ocean surrounded by them for a week was such a profound experience that was to alter my life forever. To be able to connect with the caretakers of the planet in such trusting proximity is a blessing beyond words.

On the third day of our journey with the whales, we were invited to share a beautiful encounter with a lovely mother and calf who seemed really content with human presence. As we gently lowered ourselves into the water I could see that the mother was enormous, she had barnacles attached to her tail and seemed such a wise ancient being...

Planetary healing with whale wisdom
I’d been contacted by a network of healers who were synchronizing a global healing event. The purpose of the healing was to anchor in the Divine Lotus Heart energy, to bring that beautiful energy to the planet. I told the group that I would ask the whales permission to enlist their help.

The night before the healing, I decided to tune into the mother whale we’d swum with. I felt the enormity of her presence connect with my energy, the power of which made me shudder. Showing much tolerance, she gently told me to call her Gina. She told me that she knew how humans loved to name things so we could reconnect more easily with their energy. I thanked her from the depths of my being.

Gina said that she wanted to teach us about trust, something that we had become very detached and disconnected from. She explained that it was essential that we believed in the deeper concept of trust ­especially within ourselves. The outpouring of wisdom that followed had me wiping tears from my eyes.

I asked her if she would help us with the planetary healing and that perhaps she could guide me as to the best way to assist the global effort. I questioned her to see if she had any knowledge of the Lotus Heart. She told me that this cushions the planet and that we have to send as much love out to the planet and into ourselves, in order for the planet to be lowered into the protective divine love of the Lotus Heart. She advised me to visualize the earth being gently wrapped in the divinity and joy of the one love, symbolized by the lotus. I also wanted to question her about the Akashic records. I’d been told that the whales were the record keepers, and that they held the keys of all that is. She replied that each and everyone of us held the keys to the knowledge of the Akashic records. She said that the key was held in my heart and the way to activate the key was to send loving energy into my heart. She likened me to a tiny ant that seemed to be rushing around, directionless. She went on to say that I perceived that I was separate and without purpose. I had to remember that, although I was tiny; I was a vital component of the colony; or part of the whole. She said that I was working to protect and heal my ‘hill’ ... or the earth. She reminded me of the huge strength of the miniscule ant. I had often felt useless and ineffectual and Gina endowed me with the wisdom to combine forces with the ‘colony’ and become as one.

Her compassionate words poured into my mind as I lay in bed that night. It was overwhelming that this beautiful sentient being had the grace and love to see mankind as some form of wayward teenager that only needed understanding and love to bring them back to balance and harmony and, in so doing, create harmony for the whole of Mother Earth.

I thought about her words, comparing me to an ant and remembered that size for size it was capable of incredible feats of strength far beyond its diminutive stature. She was right in describing the way I had been feeling about myself. I’d been feeling isolated and disconnected from the whole, wondering what difference I could make to anything going on in the world. My former friends seemed to feel that I’d lost the plot. I felt tremendous love from the animals, but had failed to send love to myself. Gina’s generosity of spirit had given me this gift and I felt very blessed.

Anchoring the healing heart
Next day, with the help of a few interested people, we visualized Gina’s vision of sending love into the earth. I explained her guided message of healing for the planet. She had shown me the earth floating above an immense lotus flower with a million petals open in readiness to welcome the planet into its protection. We knew we had to visualize it gently lowering itself into the heart of the flower, as it became more and more filled with love. So when the time arrived when we might connect globally, we were out on the ocean surrounded by the love of the whales. We all focused on the planet descending right into the heart of the lotus to be wrapped in love.

I prayed that our combined global efforts would create healing and love for our planet. I sent out the biggest ‘thank you’ in a wave of gratitude to Gina and the rest of the whales and hoped that she might feel my love from her deep ocean abode.

Later that night I meditated again, calling in Gina’s guidance once more. I was so excited to see a massive shift in the earth’s energy, and ecstatic to see it enveloped within the petals. I felt certain that our healing intent had helped to make a shift. I hoped and prayed that the planet would feel that healing physically.

The whale collective consciousness knows exactly what we need to know in order to bring about planetary healing. I realize we’re just playing catch up! What is wonderful is that I now realize that every species of whale is sending out the same messages of love – what truly awesome divine beings they are.

From The Whale Whisperer, © 2011 by Madeleine Walker, published by Findhorn.

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