by: Jennifer Lane

here are many books about becoming or being a witch, which talk about the witch experience and its glamour, weirdness or excitement. This book goes beyond those aspects and takes “witchiness” for granted and instead it gives spells, remedies and other techniques that you might want to use that come from the witch tradition and can help with stress and burnout in all their forms. You don’t have to be a witch to use this material of course, but everything comes from the alternative direction and it helps to be sympathetic to that. It all relates to these challenging times when almost all of us feel confused and challenged because we are overwhelmed by busyness and overstimulation and much of our security has been kicked away by lockdowns. A book with this approach feels comforting and warming and will restore our connection to nature and all that’s good.

240pp, 229 x 152mm, Paperback, 2023