YULETIDE TAROT by Kristoffer Hughes

by: Kristoffer Hughes

It’s very pleasing to find a tarot set which includes warm and homely images from the midwinter season while also paying attention to the pagan origins of the festival. In that respect we couldn’t be in better hands as Kristoffer is the Head of the Anglesey Druid Order and the author of many bestselling titles including From the Cauldron Born and the Book of Druidry. The box includes a large format book and a classic Rider-Waite-Smith style deck of 78 cards. The suits are reimagined as candles (wands), good cheer (cups), candy canes (swords), and gifts (pentacles), and Kristoffer’s guidebook presents detailed descriptions of each card’s keywords, meanings, and holiday lore as well as five unique midwinter spreads that will deepen your connection to this magical season. A perfect gift!

78 cards and 312-page guidebook, 2023, RRP £36.00