21 DAYS TO BECOME A MONEY MAGNET by Marie-Claire Carlyle

by: Marie-Claire Carlyle

This series of ‘21 Days to…’ books from Hay House is a great idea, making all sorts of things much more approachable than we might have previously thought. This is a perfect case in point: while there are lots of other “money making” books out there, this simple formula helps us quickly understand how the Law of Attraction can help us in the basic art of attracting money. The book has been written in an ordered sequence, starting with the theory of how to become a Money Magnet and looking at our current circumstances; then investigating how we can start to attract more money into our lives immediately by following some basic steps; and finally creating the foundation required to become a lifelong Money Magnet. With practical tools to use and insights into where we’ve been going wrong, this is a well written, easy to follow course.

176pp, 197 x 130 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £11.99